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Safely correct pet behavior with zero side effects
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Stop bad pet behavior safely and effectively
Dogs and cats can get into mischief
If you are a pet owner, then you know the amount of mischief your pet can get into. From scratching furniture to pulling on the leash, pets can really misbehave. Maybe you even have a throw pillow without the stuffing. When our pets make messes like this it can be frustrating. However, you love your little one and you don't want to cause your pet any harm.
Sentry Stop That! is available at PetMeds
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  So, what can you do to stop such behavior? Use a safe, yet effective, solution that stops bad behavior instantly. Yes, that's right. There really is something that helps stop bad behavior without side effects and that's Sentry Stop That! Behavior Correction Spray . Stop That! is a noise and pheromone spray that has proven to stop dogs from barking excessively, jumping up on guests, and pulling on the leash. Plus, it stops cats from scratching your furniture and other upholstery, meowing excessively and being too aggressive. Stop That! emits a lovely lavender and chamomile pheromone scent while also emitting a hissing sound that stops most pets in their tracks. It's safe, effective and small enough that you can carry it around with you. Who knew you could stop your pet's bad behavior with one little can?
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