If your pet has an emergency, will you be ready? from 1-800-PetMeds

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6 Common Emergencies 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! »
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6 common pet emergencies to be prepared for
No pet parent wants to think about having a pet emergency, but being prepared can make the situation easier for everyone involved. Have a plan, prepare a first aid kit, and with any emergency consult your veterinarian right away.
If your pet is bleeding, stay calm:
1. Your pet is bleeding
Stay calm and figure out the source. Blood in urine could mean a urinary tract infection. Learn More
Treat open wounds or bite marks:
2. Open wounds or bite marks
Use a clean cloth to apply pressure while transporting your pet to the vet. Learn More
Comfort your pet during seizures
3. Seizures
Keep your hands away from your pet's face. Remove sharp objects and furniture, and calmly reassure your pet. Learn More
Prevent and protect from heat stroke:
4. Heat stroke
Put your pet in a tub of cool water or apply wet towels to your pet's paws. Learn More
Ease an allergic reaction to a bug bite:
5. Allergic reactions
Less severe cases can be treated with antihistamines and anti-itch sprays. Learn More
Treat painful, injured nails:
6. Injured nail
Painful nails that have been cut too short can be treated with clotting gel. Learn More
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