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Bark Genie safely stops problem barking... instantly! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! »
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Stop barking with the push of a button

The Bark Genie silences your dog's barking instantly with safe, ultrasonic sound waves that all dogs can hear.

Bark Genie Bark Control


Stop excessive barking, jumping and other bad behaviors quickly and safely

•  Effective - dogs respond to the sound automatically. No more yelling!
•  3 adjustable levels of bark detection
•  Uses safe, non-evasive ultrasonic sound waves that only dogs can hear
•  Weatherproof, so you can tie it to a tree or use it on your fence between you and your neighbor's yard
Stop The Barking Now! »

It's no secret that barking is your dog's way of alerting you of potential dangers, but in some cases this natural alarm system can become more of a nuisance not only for you but for your neighbors as well. While controlling excessive barking may be achieved with hours of discipline and training, it may not work 100% of the time.

That's why the Bark Genie is your silent solution to instantly stop annoying barking. With its ultrasonic technology, the Bark Genie immediately detects barking within a 50 feet radius and emits an ultrasonic sound only dogs can hear to instantly stop their barking behavior. Not only is the Bark Genie safe and effective for indoor or outdoor use, it also works on dogs of all breeds and sizes!

Whether it's the noisy dog next door causing you restless nights, or your own dog barking when the doorbell rings, the Bark Genie can eliminate all of your dog barking problems at a price less than most behavioral training sessions.

It really works!

“Every single time I would let Buster out to play in the backyard he would bark and bark. I really felt bad for my neighbors. I ended up using the bark genie outside by the fence to stop Buster from the constant barking. The barking stops quickly and I don't have to feel bad for my neighbors anymore! It's so great!”

Lacey in Dallas, TX
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